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Х International Snowmobile Festival "OpenKarelia-2014"

The Greatest snowmobile event in Russia! About 200 participants are awaited!

(~350 km from the Finnish border and Saint-Petersburg).


Concerning the format of the events within the festival

This is going to be the tenth snowmobile race. Every year we succeed in some way, and move forward according to the conclusions we draw, we grow up and the level of our work becomes higher.

The format of the festival will help its participants to find an activity for everyone. One can compete, or just enjoy the ride.

OpenKarelia is not a professional sport race, but rather a festival where beginners are welcomed as well as experienced riders.

The festival is for those who are willing to experience challenging tracks, deep snow, and fascinating beauty of the karelian wild nature .

For those who are looking for new vivid emotions and communication within a company of like-minded people.

Trails of the races go through wild forests of northern Russia, ice of lakes and rivers, along abandoned villages.

The mission of the festival

First of all, we are looking for easy live communication within the groups of people who hardly meet during other events. We want the beginners and those riders, who are used to ride alone, to join us. We want snowmobilers to have fan, make friends and exchange experience.

Also we would like to attract snowmobilers to Russia. Cultural tourism is also one of the missions we pursue. The region of Karelia has always been attractive for tourists and we want to point out the possibilities of snowmobile traveling.


We do not recommend you to take part in the festival if you are

- a dare-devil or racer. We’re are not a suicide club. We don’t recommend you to take part in it, if you cannot sensibly assess your possibilities. All tracks can be passed calmly as well as aggressively. All trails are natural and complicated.

- a professional sportsman, who is interested only in a competition of a high class. It’s not going to be a professional race, only a festival.


Participation fee: 230 EURO.

The fee includes: participation in 3 races or in adventure rides, lunches as snack on the races, SnowFest Party (After party event in a restaurant), vehicle evacuation in case of emergency, souvenirs, visa support, insurance and ambulance support.

Extra expenses: accommodation (45 EURO B&B DBL basic per night), dinners (about 13 EURO per person) and other travel expenses.


Contact as for details: openkarelia@mail.ru, + 7 911 405 75 32, + 7 921 012 18 12.

Video here: http://openkarelia.ru/catalog/category/videogalereya/

Photos here: http://openkarelia.ru/gallery/

Application form here: http://openkarelia.ru/competition/

Accommodation info: http://openkarelia.ru/placement/


The Program of the Festival


13 March, 2014 (Thu) Arrival of the participants to Olonets, registration at the festival staff (hotel “Oloniya”).

Check-in to the accommodation according to the booking: the hotel "Oloniya" (Olonets), guest suites Forest Lake (35 km from Olonets) and other other comfortable accommodations.


20.00 - 23.00 Briefing on the major accommodations and the hotel "Oloniya."


14 March, 2014 (Fri)

9:30 departure of the participants to the village Nurmolitsy

10:10-11.00 Opening Ceremony.

Participants can choose one of five classes of participation: Sport, ProSport, Fan, WideTrack and "Tourist" according to their experience and interests.


Races Start Time: 11:00-11:30 am









The Prologue race

The Prologue race

Free ride
(120-150 km).

It will be a wild safari including an excursion to the ethnic village and a diner with traditional karelian food

Country-Cross race
(circle 30 km)

at first you have a ride over the circle to learn it, and the second circle ride is taken in account.

Country-Cross race
(up to 30 km)

at first you have a ride over the circle to learn it, and the second circle ride is taken in account.


Starts from village Kukshegory, it is a circle route

Will be determined not later than one month before the festival

Nurmolitsy village – Kinerma ethnic village – village Kukshegory


For the guests of the festival: various kinds of winter fun: skiing and snowshoeing among the magnificent scenery of Karelian landscapes, sledding, merry competitions for children and their parents.


17.00 - 18.00 Gathering of all the participants at the major base of the festival ("Umostu" village Kukshegory).

Refueling of the snowmobiles.


Briefing for the captains of the teams participating in the team race on January 26 (maps, tracks and GPS-points sheet of the route of the team race the next day will be handed out).

Returning to the accommodations by snowmobiles (for extra fee you can have a transfer to the means of accommodation, snowmobiles can be left in the parking lot at the base of "Umostu").


15 March, 2014 (Sat)


08.00 – 09:00 – Snowmobile ride to the start point of the race.

Races Start Time: 09:00









team race “Karelian Enduro” (270-290 km)

Start of the team race – 09:00-10:30 am

Circle route with one pit stop (refueling snowmobiles, hot tea with pastries and sandwiches for participants).

Finish of the team race – 15.30 – 18.00

Free enduro-ride (about 150 km). including a visit to the Vazheozersky Monastery

For the guests of the festival: various kinds of winter fun: skiing and snowshoeing among the magnificent scenery of Karelian landscapes, sledding, merry competitions for children and their parents, excursions (optional).

17.00 - 19.00 Gathering of all the participants at the major base of the festival ("Umostu" village Kukshegory).

Refueling of the snowmobiles.

Returning to the accommodations by snowmobiles (transfer for extra fee).


16 March, 2014 (Sun)

09:00 Transfer to the Kukshegory village (for the extra fee).

10.00 – for those who arrive to the starting point by snowmobile – heading out to the abandoned airfield in the Nurmolitsy village, a place where the third festival day is held.

11:00 Start of the competition.

The program of the day:

  • Sprint Cross for participants in all classes

    • For all the participants and guests of the festival: funny entertainment program

    • In this and the previous days will be held master-classes from the Finnish sportsman-freerider (boondocking, snowmobile riding techniques and technique of a snowmobile jump)

    • exhibition performances of the Finnish athlete freerider

    • Other pleasant surprises from the organizing committee and the sponsors of the festival.

    • For the participants of the “tourism” class and for all comers a free raid "d.Kukshegory - Lake Ladoga - the Alexander-Svirsky Monastery - d.Kukshegory" (~ 120 km) will be held

During the day, all participants and registered guests will be provided with  hot meals.

16.00 - Returning to the accommodations by snowmobiles (transfer for extra fee).

Participants staying at the hotel Oloniya return to the hotel in an organized column by snowmobiles.

18.00 - Returning by snowmobiles to the hotel Oloniya for a banquet (transfer for extra fee).

19.00 – «The Snow Fest Party» in the restaurant of the “Oloniya” hotel, rewarding the winners, entertainment program with stirring live music, disco

00.00 – 01.00 - Returning to the accommodations by snowmobiles (transfer for extra fee).


17 January, 2014 (Mon)

The participants leaving


Terms of of participation:

Applications are accepted until March 10, 2013.

A standard entry fee is 230 EURO for each participant.


A standard application fee includes **

  • Participation in all races on all routes in all classes;

  • Accident and medical expenses insurance in the amount of not less than 150 000 rubles each;

  • Delivery of gasoline and organization refueling during the Festival;

  • Providing hot soft drinks and sandwiches at the pit stops;

  • Providing first aid and evacuation of the injured participant to the nearest Medical Institutions;

  • If possible, technical support is provided;

  • Workshops (pre-registration);

  • Animation for guests of the Festival;

  • «Snow Fest Party» - dinner at the restaurant "Oloniya" on January 28 (hot and cold snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, musical entertainment);

  • Transfers only for those who live in Olonya hotel;

  • Prizes and souvenirs.


A standard application fee doesn't include

  • Accommodation for the time of the races;

  • Meals (breakfasts, dinners) for the time of the races

  • Transfers (with the exception for those who live in Olonya hotel)

  • Fuel


For the guests of the festival and those who accompany the participants the “guest fee” is 115 EURO .

A “guest fee” includes:

  • Providing hot sandwiches and soft drinks during the competition,

  • Participation in the Snow Fest Party,

  • Souvenirs (T-shirts, etc.)


  • Participation in the entertainment program in a gated community "Umostu" in the first and second days of the festival (skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, workshops, etc.)


For an additional fee guests of the Festival can take part in excursions to the neighboring tourist attractions (ethnic villages, museums, churches and monasteries).


Refunding of the application fee is full in the case of non-participation is declared not less than 10 days before the event. If it is declared less than 10 days before the event, the application fee is not refundable, except the cases, when there was a refusal to participate due to illness of the participant or force majeure.

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